Our policy is based on our desire to support the crypto community and this is the reason why we recommend payment with cryptocurrencies. We are often asked by our clients how to pay with cryptocurrencies because they are just starting to mine and we decided to provide you with this informative instruction.

Step 1

You have to put the desired products in your cart and start the checkout process. For this you need to provide us with the following information: first and last name, shipping address, valid email and mobile number, and you have the option of leaving specific instructions in the notes section if you feel it is necessary.

Step 2

You have to click on the button “Proceed to Coinbase” at the bottom of the page and this will lead you to the Coinbase website where you can pay. There you need to select the cryptocurrency you would like to use. We will use “Bitcoin” for this example.

Step 3

After you select “Bitcoin” as the currency to pay with, the Coinbase website will provide you with the exact Bitcoin amount you have to pay together with the address you need to send the Bitcoins to. Now, open a new tab without closing the Coinbase website. Keep in mind that you have exactly 1 hour to send the cryptocurrency to the provided address.

Step 4

Go to buy.changelly.com and select “BTC – Bitcoin” from the currency section. Then, select BTC cryptocurrency next to the Amount section and write the amount you were given in Step 3 on the Coinbase website. Click on the green button below called “Buy Now”. Now will appear a “Wallet address” section where you must carefully put the copied address from the Coinbase website in Step 3. You must not put any space or symbols. Click on the green button “Buy Now” again.

Step 5

The Changelly website will now take you to the next page where you will have to provide your personal information which will depend on the coutry you are buying the cryptocurrency from. Then, you can pay with your credit/debit card. The verification process takes up to 20 minutes.

Step 6

When the verification process ends successfully and the payment goes through, this will be automatically shown on the Coinbase website page on the tab you did not close in Step 3. This means your order is successful.

In case the 1 hour runs out in the Coinbase website tab and your verification process from Changelly ends after that, DO NOT PANIC! You will just have to contact us by email to tell us this and we will manually fix the payment status of your order.